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Handsome Finnegan joined our dachshund family from Flying S Dachshunds. His colorful coat and absolutely fun-loving and happy ways have brought a joy and sparkle to PuppyLove that we didn’t know was missing.



Meet Jamaica Me Happy! He's known as Mr J to his family and friends! His spunky, funny personality and puppy-dog eyes have stolen our hearts at PuppyLove. His babies will carry on his perfect dachshund confirmation and handsome dark looks. We love Mr J and the sparkle of happiness he's brought to PuppyLove!


Meet Mr Charlie, our gorgeous silver dapple English cream weighing 10 pounds. His handsome coat matches his personality perfectly. He is calm and laid-back, happy and outgoing, all great traits that he passes on to his babies. He has been a member of our family since 2016 and to everyone who meets him, it is love at first sight.

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Meet the new dachshund on the block! Downtown Buster Brown joined our family in January of 2020 and has quickly captured our hearts with his happy personality and tall-dark-and-handsome looks. He is a black and cream long hair weighing 10 pounds. He is a perfect gentleman who is passing his confirmation and classic dachshund personality on to his babies. His family tree is filled with beautiful show-dogs. We are
excited to have him as part of our family and we look forward to
watching his babies grow up.

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