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Meet Sophia, the outgoing, spunky, and happy daughter of our Luci and Charlie. With the best of both worlds, she is a dachshund in every sense of the word. Best of all, her hilarious sense of humor keeps us in stitches of laughter at PuppyLove!

                                                                               - PuppyLove



Meet Ashlynn, one of the prettiest creams at PuppyLove. Her cool, calm, and collected personality make her the perfect queen of the pack around here. Laidback and sweet, she is classic dachshund and loved because of it!

 - PuppyLove


Oakley Anne

Meet another one of the pretty girls at PuppyLove! Miss Oakley Anne is spunky-sweet and dachshund funny. Happy and outgoing, she leaves a little sparkle at PuppyLove.

 - PuppyLove



Meet our pretty Sunshine Gal!

Her name matches her personality perfectly. She brightens our days with her fun ways and classic dachshund sense of humor. 

 - PuppyLove



Meet our beautiful Magnolia Blossom! She is also known as Maggie. Her beautiful dappled coat and gorgeous markings have made her a star at PuppyLove!. Raised here, her father is Charlie and lucky for us, she has his amazing confirmation and sweet personality.


Meet the prettiest girl at PuppyLove! Miss Ellie Jane is a Sophie and Charlie daughter. She was born and raised here and a part of the Puppylove family since the day she was born. She has her mama’s sweet and spunky personality with a perfect sense of dachshund humor. Her confirmation and pretty looks come from our very own Charlie. Her black and white piebald markings make her extra-special 



Meet Honey Girl, a sweet girl who lives up to her name! Her puppy-dog eyes melt the hearts at PuppyLove every day. With a sweet, laid-back, and curious personality, Honey Girl is a dachshund through and through.  


Retired Doxie Moms


Luci is our beautiful cream girl with a huge heart. She portrays the classic dachshund traits of loyalty, humor, and love beyond words. She loves playtime and keeps us laughing with her darling sense of humor. Her babies are long haired, outgoing, and spunky with a gorgeous confirmation and coat. She joined our family in 2018 and we are loving every moment that we spend with her.

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poppy 2 .JPG


Meet Poppy, our shaded English cream girl. Her golden coat and gentle, sweet personality has found her a place in our hearts and home. She loves cuddle time with her favorite humans!

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Meet Gracie, our red smooth haired girl!

She is always up to some kind
of mischief, though she maintains an

oh, so innocent look in her lovely
brown eyes while chasing the cat or

begging for another treat! She loves
being with her favorite people and

is always up for a walk or a snuggle.
She is our smallest girl weighing 9 pounds.


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Meet Sophie, one of the sweetest dachshund girls you'll ever get meet. Her big brown eyes and her sweet, calm nature have earned her a forever place in our hearts and home. She shares her exceptional personality with her babies and has had some of the prettiest babies you have ever seen. She joined our family 5 years ago and is retiring this spring. We're grateful for all she's done for us and now she'll go on living her best life by continuing on as the Queen of the PuppyLove dachshund family!


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Sierra is a lovely black and tan momma with the best personality! Happy and outgoing, she adores meeting new people and is always looking for the next adventure. She loves playing outdoors and is happiest if she has her favorite people close by. Her babies have proved to be happy, outgoing babies who have a classic touch of dachshund humor. Her puppies are always smooth haired and chart to weigh in the 9 to 11 pound range.

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Meet Romeo's Girl Juliet from Grendox! Julie is our lovely black and cream girl, with a fun, spunky personality that matches her dark good looks perfectly. Her best friends are her humans, which would be the people family at PuppyLove!

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Willow is a beautiful black and tan dapple that was born and raised at
our home. Her mom and dad are our own Charlie and Sierra. Willow has her dad's confirmation and her momma's outgoing personality which is the perfect combination in our opinion! Her babies are smoothed haired, spunky and happy with the prettiest markings. She is a smooth hair weighing 10 pounds

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Abby Rose

Meet Abby Rose, our very own chocolate and cream dapple long hair. Her blue eyes melt our hearts every day! As Poppy and Charlie's daughter, she became a part of the PuppyLove family on the day she was born. Her gentle, quiet personality with her stunning patchwork dapple coat has made her a star in our dachshund family!


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