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  • What kind of food is my new puppy eating?
    Your new puppy is eating a mixture of Royal Canin Mini Puppy" and "Mini Puppy Eukanuba"We will send a package of each kind along with your new puppy.You can then begin to mix it in slowly with whichever brand you decide to feed at your house. Your puppy has food available at all times here at PuppyLove. He/She is a puppy and since they are growing quickly He/She will need all those extra calories ;) Once they have adjusted to their new home you can start introducing a feeding schedule, to do this start by offering several small meals a day especially after playtime.
  • What kind of training do you recommend & Does my puppy come with any kind of training?
    We enforce postive behavior with lots of treats! (Our dauchshunds love "purina moist and meaty training treats") Dauchshunds love making their "People" happy and they will do anything for another treat :) Your new puppy has access to a doggie door, which he/she will start using at five weeks old. This gives them a great start to potty training at their new home. We also introduce the puppies to a harness and leash for basic training. We highly reccomend crate training. Every puppy needs a "safe place" to hang out in when he/she is feeling overwhelmed by their new surrondings.
  • What supplies do I need to purchase before I bring my new puppy home?
    A medium sized crate with a divider is a great place to start. A soft dog bed, small or medium sized harness, puppy pads, a brush (if getting a long haired dauchshund) food and water bowls, a bag of royal canin or eukanuba mini puppy food. Small chew toys and treats are optional but highly reccomended!
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